Development of my WEB site

HTML, CSS and JS development

In order to offer my portfolio completely online and to master new languages, I coded my own website in HTML and CSS.

Work completed

I love learning and discovering new programming languages to see what's possible, but also to understand how the tools we use every day work. Having not worked on these two languages for nearly 5 years, I opted for an online training course on OpenClassrooms.
During this training, I learned many skills on how to format elements, how to structure elements, how to structure your HTML page, etc. I also supplemented this with numerous tutorials found online, in particular to enrich my imagination and find the design style I like.

Skills acquired

During this course, I learned what OpenClassrooms calls the "basics" of HTML and CSS. This enables me to create sites on my own, with a responsive display that suits my needs. As for the Javascript integration of the responsive navigation bar, I've learned how to do this in particular, as I haven't been able to do any JS training at the moment. Then, during my second-year internship, I worked on a Chrome-based rendering engine integrated into a Windows application. I therefore worked on and learned javascript during this internship.

My own experience feedback

picture of Erwan BROUDIN

This was not my first OpenClassrooms training course. I'm proud of the content I'm able to produce thanks to it, and I've drawn two conclusions from it. Firstly, I can't wait to take a full course on JavaScript so that I can make sites where the user can really interact. Secondly, I feel the need the need to learn a framework such as Bootstrap to simplify the process of creating without having to recreate the wheel for each new mission.