Science tutor

Math, physics-chemistry and science and technology courses from sixth form to final year.

Every week, I give private lessons in science up to the final year in Paris, both on site in Paris and by videoconference.


Every week, I work with the same groups of students to help them get the best out of themselves. This requires organization, rigor, patience and, above all, pedagogy. Serious work is required so that Alveus can offer teachers who are involved and serious about helping students.
I also often have to work with a group of students I don't know, when replacing unavailable tutors, which requires me to be able to adapt and understand the difficulties and strengths of new students we don't know.

Skills acquired

Private tutoring has enabled me to hone my pedagogical skills, and the fact of being facing students who need multiple explanations helps to develop teaching skills. I've also developed my ability to render clearly and improve my conciseness so that other tutors can know what I've been working on with students in a matter of seconds.

The return of my managers

Maitre de stage

Constantin MASSON - Manager

Erwan has been working for a year and a half as a tutor in our tutoring spaces at Alveus. During this time, he has been able to put forward a wide range of skills, whether pedagogical, human or entrepreneurial.
Tutoring requires a very high level of transmission and rigor, and Erwan knows how to adapt to everyone and invest himself fully in his students' progress. He doesn't hesitate to take initiatives to go further and improve the daily lives of those he works with.
His professionalism and sense of responsibility make him a trustworthy collaborator, and what's more, his quest for learning and easy communication drive us to go further collectively on projects.

For these reasons, I fully recommend Erwan as a collaborator in your future projects.

Picture of Marc-Anthony

Marc-Anthony CLÉMENT - Manager (via video conference)

I was lucky enough to work with Erwan in the first semester of 2023, and he was one of the visio's anchor tutors.
Erwan is an exceptional tutor who has demonstrated great skill in his field. His passion for science subjects and dedication to helping students succeed is inspiring. He has a unique ability to adapt to students' different learning styles and provide personalized support to help them overcome their academic challenges. He knows how to encourage and motivate students to reach their full potential, which is reflected in their grade results and self-confidence.
In addition to his ability to support students, Erwan was very involved in the "Ruche" visio. He regularly came up with ideas that helped to improve the quality of support within the "Ruche" visio.

All in all, I can highly recommend Erwan, who has demonstrated his rigor, perfectionism and seriousness.